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Something I find helps me when I am having a hard time- both anxiety or depression wise- is routines. When we feel like we are out of control, or are spiraling, it can be helpful to follow a routine in order to ground ourselves. One way I do this is in the mornings.

When I am having a kind of day where even getting out of bed is hard, I like to follow a routine. I know that even if all I get done that day is my routine, at least I did that and I can be proud of that. For me in the mornings that routine is washing my face, showering if I need to, brushing my teeth and hair, and getting breakfast. If after doing all that I still just want to crawl back in bed, then I move on to the next part. I feed my pets, I do laundry if it needs to be done, and I try to do at least one thing for self care.

If after that I still want to go back to bed, then I let myself for a little while. It’s okay to take time for yourself. It’s okay that somedays you need to just take a nap, watch a movie that makes you smile, or just cry. So long as I get through my routines, I know that I haven’t wasted the day. I took care of myself, and sometimes that’s all I can do in a day. Usually by the time I finish my routines, I feel better. We just need that initial push to get us up and then we are okay to keep moving.

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