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The Power of Crying

Something I have found in my many years of dealing with mental illnesses and watching so many others deal with them is the embarrassment surrounding crying. We see ourselves as weak when we cry. Or maybe even shame is we are crying for some reason that doesn’t feel good enough.

I’ve definitely ran to my car before to have a good cry in private before because I am ashamed to let others see it. I’ve clenched my teeth and dug my fingernails into my hands until they bleed before just to keep the tears in. I’ve pounded my hands against my steering wheel, thrown a pillow, bit the inside of my cheek, etc.

What I have found though, is that there really is no substitute for a real good cry. Anyone out there reading this can agree with me on that after you cry you feel so much better. All that tension that has been sitting on your shoulders lifts. Hell, I even feel like my head clears away a bad decision I was about to make because of my emotions.

One piece of advice; if you are ever thinking about doing something that might be a bad idea, like texting your ex, or sending someone a mean message when you feel like you’re going to cry or explode, try crying first and then see if you still want to send it. If you still do after, then hey maybe you should. I have definitely saved myself from sending a lot of ill planned messages by following this method.

Don’t feel embarrassed to cry. We all do it. You aren’t weak for letting your emotions out, if anything it’s strong of you to be able to accept the negative emotions you are feeling. There is no “wrong” reason to cry, so even if you just want to cry over a spilled bowl of chips, feel free.

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